Latifa’s Herbs currently offers educational services to individuals and the community. Topics covered include botany, edible wild plants, & medicinal plants.


Schoolyard tours in Alberta

Schoolyard tours provide on-site education to students with reference to local edible and medicinal plants. Students learn to appreciate that natural abundance can be found anywhere. This program is relevant to the Grade 7 curriculum section Plants for Food and Fibre as well as the section Settling the Land for Grade 5 students. This program also compliments Social Studies, Science, and Outdoor Education for students K through 12.

Schoolyard tours can be adapted to meet specific learning outcomes including focusing on plant identification. Please inquire for more information.


Adult Education

Would you like to bring more knowledge about wild plants and herbal medicines to your community? Latifa’s Herbs offers weekend and evening adult education courses across Alberta. Courses currently on offer include:

Custom designed courses in Alberta and abroad are also available. Please inquire for more information.


Herbal Medicine for Health Professionals

Herbal medicines are rapidly growing in popularity, however, concerns regarding the evidence-base and safety are often not adequately addressed. Training for health professionals makes reference to the latest research improving the ability of health professionals to make informed choices. Topics covered include evidence-based herbal medicine, drug-herb interactions, and herbal safety.

Why not consult an expert in the field for expert advice?

Please inquire for more information.


Private Tutoring

The best education ratio is one to one. Custom education programs include how to identify plants, cook wild food, and make herbal remedies. Small groups will also be considered.

Please inquire for more information.