What is the difference between a Master Herbalist and a Medical Herbalist?

Herbal medicine is currently not regulated by the Government of Canada. This means that anyone can call themselves a Herbalist and there are no protected titles. Master Herbalist is a voluntarily self-regulated title referring to varying levels of education obtainable through a diploma course in Canada. Other designations currently used in Canada include Chartered Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist. Medical Herbalist is a term that originates from the UK referring to an individual who has received medical training and has obtained a degree-level qualification in herbal medicine either at a Bachelors or Masters level.


What does it mean to have a Master’s Degree in Herbal Medicine?

A Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine is just like any Master’s degree, it is internationally recognised, and entitles the bearer to further study at a PhD level. The main advantage of University level education is that students are required to keep up-to-date on the latest research in herbal medicine and develop excellent skills in critical thinking. University-educated herbalists are guaranteed to have medical training and are trained to diagnose illness, perform physical examinations, and understand medical testing such as blood work results. The level of testing is standardised to meet international regulations, for example, all students completed OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations). Alumni have continued access to the latest scientific research relevant to herbalists and other medical professionals.


What are wild crafted herbs?

Wild crafted herbs are plants sustainably harvested from nature. Some plants are weeds found in local gardens. Plants that survive in the wild are subjected in both environmental and biological stresses that increase their chemical potency. Further, connecting to our local environment is hugely important in maintaining good health and is fundamental to the ethics of community herbalism.


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Sustainable packaging

Packaging has a great function in keeping stuff safe and clean, but is dreadfully wasteful. At the moment Latifa’s Herbs tries to reuse materials when sending products in the mail, instead of buying new stuff. So don’t be alarmed if your package looks a little funny. Latifa’s Herbs hopes to continue to improve the sustainability of packaging and materials and welcomes suggestions or ideas.



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