I believe in the power of education to bring the people back to the plants.


Plant walks

I am currently hosting regular walks in and around Calgary. We will even be going out in the winter, although not as frequently. Walks typically have different themes including location, type of plant (e.g. tree or shrub), or  a specific plant study. The walks infuse botanical identification with traditional, scientific and experience-based knowledge in edible and medicinal plant usage.
twinberry honeysuckle

Beth shares her experience after attending a plant walk: “I made soapberry syrup. At first I was a touch squeamish to eat what I had personally gathered and prepared, but it was delicious on French toast with jam. It was tart and tangy to the sweetness of the jam … Now to figure out how to dehair the dried rose hips!!!!

What is a plant study!? A plant study is the best way to get to know a plant if you are not familiar with using it. The reality is getting to know plants takes time, I have dedicated my life to it and I still know very little of what there is to know. If you are serious about using plants as food or medicine you should consider attending a plant study or doing your own plant study at home. I am currently running Goethean plant studies at the Light Cellar. I also run storytelling plant studies based on the concept of reviving the art of storytelling as a means of remembering and sharing meaningful information.

Jess shares her experience from attending a Storytelling walk, Pilgrimage to the Yucca: “Another great event with Latifa! She shared information from many fields about the yucca, giving me a well-rounded viewpoint of the plant. But she does not leave you with dry facts, you then get to contemplate over a cup of tea and bring in your own creativity! Fun and informative!”

To keep up to date on my walks join my community Facebook group Edible and Medicinal Plants of Calgary or my Meetup group Edible and Medicinal Plants of Calgary.

Upcoming walks  will always be posted in the Upcoming Events Calendar.

Private walks

A great way to engage with nature, celebrate birthdays, and improve team-bulding within your organisation. Private guided walks are available to individuals, groups or organisations across Alberta and beyond. Please contact me for more information.