Latifa’s Herbs offers hands-on workshops to learn skills related to plant identification, medicine making and more.


Workshops currently being offered include:

Making Wildberry Cold & Flu Syrup
  • Make traditional syrup using wild havested berries and plants.

“This was a hands on experience that opened a door to many possibilities we have to access our local flora to support the wellbeing of our families. Loved it ! Thank you Latifa for sharing your knowledge, plants and berries with us!”
– Tamara C.

Making Infused Oil, Ointment and Simple Cream with Wild Plants
  • Infuse dried plants in oil.
  • Make ointment and simple cream with infused oil.
  • Learn the properties of wild plants that can be used on the skin.

“My previous experience has been working with essential oils, so I loved working with raw plant material. I loved the course. Thank you, Latifa!”
– Rosemary G.

Dry Skin Solutions: Complex Cream Making
  • Make commercial-grade creams and lotions.
  • Learn about dry skin and how to keep skin healthy.
  • Learn about helpful skin plants and essential oils.
White Spruce: harvesting and preparing winter medicine
  • Harvest white spruce leaves and pitch and usnea lichen.
  • Learn how to prepare what you harvest as a syrup, ointment and first aid spray.

“It was very interesting to learn how to make natural concoctions from vegetation that grows in our part of the world. Latifa was very approachable and knowledgeable. It was a most enjoyable day of learning.”
– Wendy M.

For updates on upcoming workshops please check the event section.


Private Workshops

Private workshops can be organised for individuals and organisations. Special requests for workshop topics and themes will also be considered. Please inquire for details.